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The visuals, the sfx, the music, the gameplay, the mechanics, the difficulty, it's all spot on. I really love the arcadey feel, and I appreciate being able to choose the layer to start from. This is amazing. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm on my way lol.

My only complaint so far is that sometimes, right after completing a screen, it's hard to understand where my character spawned, and I inevitably take a hit, some sort of visual cue pre spawn would be nice.

EDIT: I beat layer 4, but layer 5 is still locked

Took me a while to understand what I was supposed to do. I was about to quit but persisted, and ended up getting stuck on the level with the spinning wheel (I think I know what I have to do but it's too damn hard lol). I especially liked the bird level, it reminded me of some of the crazier happy wheels custom levels.

All in all I think the game would benefit a lot from having more descriptive text at the beginning, or a tutorial. It's not very clear that the shadows actually stop the fall, and that you are supposed to move by shooting.

I think it's a very ambitious game, considering everything is done with a single mouse button, and some minor fixes regarding clarity would probably prevent a lot of bad reviews, since in its current state it's kind of hard to understand and play. Once you do understand, some levels can be really fun though.

Also the rope physics seem kinda weird when the shadow it's attached to is moving.

EDIT: Nevermind I beat the spinning wheel level, now I'm on the sand clocks one, will update if I beat it!
EDIT2: Can't beat level 13, these skulls are beating my ass, I gave up for now
EDIT3: Stuck on level 16, I'm inching towards it! the stalactite swinging level went from very frustrating to really fun, it also reminded me a lot of happy wheels.

Loved the presentation, both the visuals and the layout, onscreen controls were appreciated!
The music was really catchy and set a comfy mood throughout the game.
I found the story (and the writing) to be really engaging. Maybe Doki Doki ruined me but I was really expecting a dark turn lol, the level transition defaults the avatar to "sad Roombella face" and I thought that was a hint of a darker genre shift coming. That aside, I liked how the game managed to touch on somewhat real issues some people face without censoring itself, all while keeping it cute.
Difficulty wise, some levels were interesting but only few were truly challenging, still, it was a joy to play!

Bleak-Creep responds:

Quite a few people now have mentioned they expected this to take a dark turn at some point or another, haha. I’m surprised someone noticed the sad Roombella during the transition though, it goes by so quick!

Thanks for all the kind words and thanks fot playing too! :)

Intrapath responds:

Hey, glad you had such a good time! And that's actually a really good idea as far as hinting at a dark turn in the transition animation. That would work so well for a project with that kind of story!

I ended up understanding the priority thing through trial and error, ironically I feel like it's easier to understand the more complex the level is, once I got it it got pretty entertaining.

I found having to do the puzzles to unlock the time and place of the mission to be pretty clever.

I also liked the idea of having to dodge while hacking in the end, though I feel like the dodging difficulty could've been spiced up a little more.

Awesome and catchy music, hilarious voice acting, cute visuals, and really creative and clever level design! I feel like the mechanics got milked for all their worth toward the end! Also, the suspicious "press R to restart" message making sense all of a sudden once I got stuck was really funny. Seriously, great job!

I had a feeling this was made by the guys behind the Ballad of Bonky. Awesome!

Great game! Gets really strategic towards level 5 or so.
I think it would benefit from having the HUD's position be dependent on the player's position, say, when you are on the top right corner, have the picture percentage thingy either move or become transparent, so that the player can see what's there. But other than that the game's great. Also loved the music and the visuals!

I used to have the time of my life playing this at school computers with my best friend. I'm not sure what made this the best Boxhead game but it is, the gameplay loop is just perfect.

Amazing game! I was afraid the boss was gonna be too hard and I ended up over-grinding lol. My only complaint is that the font is kinda hard to read, and I get 0's and 8's mixed up. Other than that I loved it. The visual polish and attention to detail in this thing are simply amazing, and the songs were just banger after banger. Simply great!
EDIT: I beat the game, as in, I threw the giant apple lol, but I noticed the "beat the game" achievement didn't trigger on NG, along with the "reach floor 40" and 50, I had this issue in my game and I solved it by every once in a while triggering the "submit medal" request for every achievement the player had unlocked, say, whenever the game saved, this requires that you keep track of achievements in-game though, and I don't know if you are doing that currently.

really fun and easy to get into!, also loved the look and feel!

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